Congratulations to Department for Child Protection Riverland Senior Social Worker Anastasia Read who was recently awarded a Churchill Fellowship to investigate family preservation programs in the child protection space for Aboriginal families.

As part of the Fellowship, Anastasia, who is an Aboriginal woman, will examine two successful programs in Manitoba, Canada and Connecticut, US aimed at early intervention and community involvement in decision-making, next year.

She will also travel to Belgium and Sweden to look at how their medical and family-based models, implemented across the health sector, result in lower rates of child abuse reports.

"Aboriginal children are over represented in the child protection system and as an Aboriginal person I want to be a part of a system that builds change and respects the rights of Aboriginal people," Anastasia says.

"It’s also about being a part of a system that can explore different ways of doing things."

To read more about the 2019 Churchill Fellowship recipients, visit: https://www.churchilltrust.com.au/news/Announcing-the-2019-Churchill-Fellowship-Award-Recipients/