A carer agreement is a written document that you and your support worker fill-in together. This could be someone from the department’s Kinship Care Program or an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation Kinship Care Program, or someone from a foster care agency.

It is a great way to record what training and support you need, preferences about your placements and the responsibilities of both you and your support worker.

You and your support worker sign the document to make sure that you both agree with what is written. This helps everyone to be on the same page, and will help your worker to support your journey.

When are carer agreements made?

If you are a new carer, your carer agreement will be developed with you soon after you have been approved as a carer. If you are an existing carer, your agreement will be developed at your next review meeting with your support worker.

How often are carer agreements reviewed?

You will then revisit the agreement every time you have a carer review meeting with your support worker, which must happen at least once every 2 years.

These reviews are also an opportunity for you to discuss your involvement in the case planning process and participation as a member of the child’s care team.

What information is recorded in the carer agreement?

Depending on whether you are a foster, kinship or specific child only carer, your carer agreement may include:

  • your placement preferences, such as the age of any children placed with you or  whether you would like to provide short term, long term or respite care
  • what training, learning or information you might need
  • your cultural background and any additional languages you speak
  • what other support you need.

The agreement will also include a list of carer responsibilities that we will ask you to acknowledge and agree to. For example, we will ask you to agree to supporting the child or young person’s education and to participate in case management as a member of their ‘care team’.

Page last updated: 3 November 2021