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Freedom of Information

The Department for Child Protection recognises the importance of confidentiality. Certain information collected by the department in the course of its child protection duties cannot be released. 

The duty to maintain confidentiality is outlined in section 58 of the Children's Protection Act 1993

Accessing departmental records

The Chief Executive of the Department for Child Protection has issued an authority to allow care leavers to access departmental records subject to conditions within the Freedom of Information Act 1991

Who is a care leaver?

A care leaver is a person who has been placed under an investigation and assessment order or a care and protection order. 

If you have been placed under either of these orders and you are seeking personal information contained within departmental records, you can apply for your records by using a Freedom of Information application form (Word, 90KB)

The department does not charge application fees for care leavers to access their information. 

Getting help

If you need help with applying or would like to know the types of documents the department may hold on you, contact the Customer Services unit

I'm not a care leaver

If you are not a care leaver, you may not be authorised to receive personal information contained within departmental records. 

You are encouraged to contact the Customer Services Unit before making an application. 


Customer Services Unit - Freedom of Information

Telephone: 8226 4399
Email: DCP.FOI [at] sa.gov.au

Customer Services Unit, Freedom of Information
Department for Child Protection
GPO Box 1072
Adelaide SA 5001