Children and young people in care are entitled to a range of additional support and services.

Rights of children and young people in care

Children and young people who have been placed in out-of-home care have the right to:

  • feel good about themselves
  • live in a place where they are safe and cared for
  • get the help they want or need
  • understand and have a say in decisions that affect them.

The charter of rights for children and young people in care outlines more of these rights.

Additional support

Children and young people in care also receive:

Cultural connections for Aboriginal children

It’s particularly important for Aboriginal children to maintain their cultural and community connections.

Cultural maintenance plans

Each Aboriginal child in care will have a cultural maintenance plan. These help the child or young person establish, reconnect, and maintain connection with family, community, country and culture.

Preparation of the cultural maintenance plan is the responsibility of the caseworkers in partnership with the Principal Aboriginal Consultant, Principal Social Worker, the children/young people’s Youth Worker and other relevant stakeholders.

Linked to the cultural maintenance plans, Youth Adventure and Recreational Services (YARS) provide Cultural Camps for Aboriginal children and young people, they engage Aboriginal Elders who support their learnings about their Land, family, law, ceremonies, and art. This assists Aboriginal young people to embrace their cultural identity.

Youth workers and mentoring services

The Metropolitan Aboriginal Youth and Family Services (MAYFS) in the Department of Human Services is a dedicated Aboriginal service with a focus on diverting young people away from the justice system and toward improved life outcomes.

MAYFS is a restorative and family inclusive service with a focus on strengthening Aboriginal young people’s connection to family, community and culture and ensuring that young people are at the centre of decision making.

InComPro is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation that provides a mentoring service for Aboriginal young people in care. The mentor support program provides positive role models for Aboriginal young people and assists Aboriginal young people in residential care to connect to family, community, country and culture.

Entry to these programs is by referral. To access these programs, contact your child's case worker.