If you are considering adoption for your child, refer to the considering adoption booklet (PDF, 248.4 KB) for a comprehensive overview of your options and the adoption process.

The Department for Child Protection is the only agency in South Australia that can organise an adoption.

Discussing your options

The decision to place a child for adoption is an extremely difficult one and might be made for any number of reasons.

If you would like to talk to someone about adoption and your child, you can contact Adoption Services to make an appointment with a social worker.

You can come alone or with your partner or a support person.

Things to consider for ensuring your child's care

If you are unsure about whether you are able to parent your child, adoption is only one of the various arrangements you can make to ensure your child is cared for. It is important for you to consider some of these.

See the considering adoption booklet (PDF, 248.4 KB) for more information about arrangements other than adoption.

Consent to adoption

For a child to be legally adopted, the child’s parents must legally relinquish their rights to the child by formally signing consent to the adoption.

Before consent can be given, you must be part of a counselling process which will address many aspects of your situation.

See the considering adoption booklet (PDF, 248.4 KB) for more information about this process.

Adoptive parents

People who apply to become adoptive parents are thoroughly assessed on their eligibility and suitability. Once approved, they are registered with the Department for Child Protection as prospective adoptive parents and may then be placed with a child.

For information about becoming a prospective adoptive parent see adopting a local child.

Adoption orders

Adoption is a permanent legal arrangement.

After a child has been with their adoptive family for about 3-6 months, their adoptive parents can apply to the Youth Court for an Adoption Order.

An Adoption Order through the Youth Court of South Australia means that all of the original parents’ rights and responsibilities are legally removed.

The adoptive family takes on all these rights and responsibilities for the child's care and parenting.


Adoption Services

Phone: 1800 512 355 (current adoptions)
Email: adoptions@sa.gov.au