The Department for Child Protection recognises the importance of confidentiality. Certain information collected by the department in the course of its child protection duties cannot be released.

Our information statement (PDF, 680.9 KB) lists the types of documents held by DCP and procedures for accessing them.

A list of policy documents (PDF 207 KB) that impact members of the public is available. This list includes links to individual policies.


For information about subpoenas, please contact the Subpoena and Information Release Team.

Accessing personal departmental records

You can apply for your records by completing a Freedom of Information application form (DOC, 91.0 KB). To make a request for personal records, the application must:

  • be in writing
  • provide specific details written on the application form of the document(s) you require to assist us to process your request
  • include identification
  • Be accompanied by an application fee or claim for fee waiver.

Accessing non-personal departmental records

While the majority of FOI requests received by the department relate to personal information, a number of FOI requests are received from Members of Parliament and the media seeking access to non-personal information such as:

  • statistical data
  • internal communications
  • reports
  • policy documents.

If you are seeking access to non-personal information you are encouraged to contact the Freedom of Information team.

From 1 October 2017, any non-personal information released through the Freedom of Information Act 1991 is published via a public disclosure log.

Fees and charges

Application fee

Either an application fee of $40.75 or claim for fee waiver must be included when you lodge your FOI application. Payments can be made by money order or cheque made out to the Department for Child Protection. To make a payment by direct debit or cash, please contact the FOI team. Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Processing charges may also be applicable in accordance with the Freedom of Information (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2018. You will be advised if these charges are applicable once the department receives your application and begins processing it.

Fee waivers

If you are the holder of a current concession card, or if you can satisfy that the payment of the fee or charge would cause financial hardship, the agency must waive or reduce or refund the application fee.

Evidence is required to be submitted with your application.

Amending records

Under FOI you can make an application to have documents concerning your personal affairs amended if they are incomplete, incorrect, misleading or out-of-date. To apply, you can complete an application to amend agency documents (DOC, 84.5 KB).

Requesting a review

If you are refused access to all or part of a document that you requested access to, you will be informed of the reasons why and advised of your rights to seek a review or appeal. You can also seek a review or appeal if you have applied for your personal records to be amended under FOI and the application has been refused.

To request a review, you can complete an application for internal review (DOC, 84.0 KB)

Information and documents available outside of FOI

Provision of information to care leavers

Section 153 of the Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017 implements a recommendation of the Child Protection Systems Royal Commission report 'The Life They Deserve' enabling care leavers to access, free of charge, original and copy documents relating to them, instead of having to apply to apply for access under the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

For information on how to apply for access to departmental records, see Provision of information to care leavers.

Provision of adoption information

Section 27 of the Adoption Act 1988 enables certain people who are affected by an adoption to access information.

For more information on how to apply see Provision of adoption information.

Issuing subpoenas to the department

All subpoenas are processed by the Subpoena Section of the Customer Services Unit.

To issue a subpoena to the Department for Child Protection, address as follows:

The Chief Executive
Department for Child Protection
Subpoena and Information Release Team
Ground Floor, Building 2
300 Richmond Road
Netley SA 5037

You can also serve a subpoena via email at DCPSubpoena&

Solicitors are encouraged to contact the team prior to issuing a subpoena for an initial discussion regarding the scope of the subpoena.

Phone: (08) 8226 4255
Email: DCPSubpoena&


Freedom of Information team

Freedom of Information Team
Department for Child Protection
Ground Floor, Building 2
300 Richmond Road
Netley SA 5037

Telephone: 8226 4399