The Department for Child Protection (DCP) was formed in November 2016 in response to recommendations from the Child Protection Systems Royal Commission, led by the Honourable Margaret Nyland AM.

We work in partnership with families, government and non-government organisations, carers and the community to care for and protect vulnerable children and young people by addressing harm and keeping them safe.

Where children and young people cannot stay safely in the family home we will find a place for them to live, preferably with members of their family and kinship networks, or with foster carers.

We aim to give young South Australians in our care every opportunity to reach their full potential. We value children and young people's voices and consider their views.

Our responsibilities

The department administers the following legislation:

We use a child centred, trauma-informed practice approach that focuses on cultural safety, strengthening families, supporting carers, and working in partnership to meet children and young people’s need for safety.

We are responsible for:

  • responding to concerns about children and young people who have experienced harm or are at risk of harm
  • placing children and young people in care when they are unable to live safely with their families
  • providing case management and support for children and young people under the custody or guardianship of the Chief Executive
  • supporting the reunification of children and young people with their families where it is safe to do so
  • managing the adoption process
  • supporting children and young people from a refugee background through the Commonwealth Guardianship team.

See our current Strategic Plan 2019-2022 (PDF, 190.9 KB).

Our organisational structure

See our organisational structure (PDF, 441.8 KB).


Department for Child Protection

Education Centre
31 Flinders Street
Adelaide, SA 5000

Phone: 8124 4185