The Department for Child Protection (DCP) Practice Approach provides an integrated and contemporary approach to practice that supports our vision that all children and young people grow up safe, happy, healthy and nurtured to reach their full potential.  It is unique to South Australia’s legislative and cultural context.

The approach has been developed in partnership with staff, young people, carers and service providers. Many Aboriginal people generously shared their experiences and knowledge to collaboratively build an approach that strives to be culturally safe.

The Practice Approach supports staff and other stakeholders to work together to ensure safety and positive outcomes for children and young people. The approach promotes building strong relationships with children and young people, families, carers and service providers. Skilful assessment, timely intervention and collaborative practice are emphasised by the approach.

The Practice Approach is focused on children and young people’s physical, emotional and cultural safety during all phases of work, and consists of practice elements and elements that support best practice.


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