From the age of 15, young people in care will start preparing to leave care in collaboration with their DCP case worker, carer and family.

Go Your Own Way kits

The Go Your Own Way kit has been developed by the CREATE Foundation for young people as a planning tool and resources folder to help them prepare for their transition from care to independent living.

This kit is part of the CREATE Your Future (CYF) program that provides young people, aged 15 to 25 years with the relevant skills and knowledge to successfully navigate their transition from care to independence. More information about the CYF program can be found on the Create Your Future website.

The kit is designed to be used by the young person with appropriate support from:

  • carers
  • social workers
  • youth workers
  • extended family members.

Contact your DCP case worker for more information about the Go Your Own Way kit.

The Sortli application is another resource that can be downloaded to a young person’s phone so information is readily available about services they might need to help them on their journey to independence.

Support to become independent

Young people will be provided with assistance to help them:

  • decide what type of housing is suitable for them
  • apply for a house
  • get the furniture they need
  • move in.

If you are leaving care and need assistance to access services and support to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing, see post care services.

Access to important documents

You will be provided with assistance to access important documents such as:

  • your birth certificate
  • passport
  • school achievement certificates and reports
  • photographs
  • your personal records.

These documents may help you apply for jobs, attend university or TAFE and move into your own place.

Assistance making arrangements and accessing services as an adult

You will be provided with assistance to make a variety of arrangements including:

  • education and training support
  • finding somewhere to live
  • support finding a job
  • setting up a bank account
  • access to legal and health services
  • counselling and therapeutic support.