Following instincts leads to care for siblings

All you need is the desire to love, the rest is just detail

Foster carers’ Jo and Peter believe their biological children benefit from the “incredible life lessons” brought about by the family’s fostering experience.

Jo and Peter, who have provided long term care for three siblings for the past 12 months through Centacare Catholic Country SA, both shared a strong desire to be foster carers alongside raising their own young children.

“We already had three biological kids aged five and under when we decided to foster a baby boy with high medical needs,” the couple recall.

“We were adapting well to the changes in the family dynamic when we found out there were two older siblings aged three and two who also needed caring for.

“Of course we had to at least consider for a moment the potential of taking them on to keep the siblings together, but the logistics seemed nearly impossible at first glance.

“After some heartfelt thought and serious team work from the amazing case workers at Centacare and Department for Child Protection we began to see that the obstacles couldn’t hold back the beautiful possibilities of saying yes to what instinctively just felt right to take them on.”

Jo, 34, and Peter, 35, have shared their story as part of a #FosterCareSA social media campaign to bring greater awareness to the need for more foster carers – particularly for siblings - in South Australia.

The pair encourage anyone interested in foster caring to find out more about the many ways to support a child or young person no longer able to live at home.

“Our biological kids are benefiting from the incredible life lessons of this fostering experience, regardless of how long our fostered children will be with us,” Jo and Peter say.

“Giving our biological kids new brothers and sister is the best gift we have given them.

“All you need is the desire to love, the rest is just detail.”

Jo and Peter said caring for their family of eight was made easier with the support of Centacare Catholic Country SA.

“Their genuine commitment to these children in care and to us as carers is tangible and inspiring.

“We simply could not continue to pull this off without their ongoing and unwavering support at all levels.

“Life is different, it’s harder at times, but the rewards completely overshadow these challenges.

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Anyone interested in finding out more about foster care should visit or call 1300 2 FOSTER (367 837).