The Department for Child Protection is reaffirming its commitment to reconciliation through the implementation of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) (PDF, 20.7 MB).

The plan was launched in August 2019 and is to be in effect and actively monitored until June 2021.

The RAP includes actions under 4 key areas: Relationships, Respect, Opportunities and Governance. The department’s RAP Working Group oversees each area to ensure DCP meets its RAP commitments.

Each area of the RAP contains a series of key deliverables and timeframes.


We recognise that we cannot undertake our work without the participation of Aboriginal stakeholders. We need to build strong relationships with these stakeholders, including Aboriginal children, young people, families, organisations and communities.

We look to progress these relationships by taking the following actions.

  • Establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal stakeholders
  • Build and maintain new relationships through the celebration of National Reconciliation Week.
  • Promote reconciliation through our sphere of influence.
  • Promote reconciliation in DCP’s 4 operational regions.
  • Ensure that our HR policies and processes are culturally inclusive, responsive and appropriate.


We acknowledge the importance of fostering respect for Aboriginal cultures. We want to facilitate an understanding of these aspects so that people can come together and celebrate Aboriginal and cultures. By demonstrating and promoting pride and strength in Aboriginal culture, we aim to build the identity and self-esteem of Aboriginal children and young people in care.

We will show our respect for Aboriginal cultures through the following methods.

  • Increase understanding, value and recognition of the histories, knowledge and rights of Aboriginal cultures through cultural learning.
  • Visibly acknowledge and promote Aboriginal histories, cultures and languages within DCP.
  • Show respect to Aboriginal peoples by observing cultural protocols.
  • Build respect for Aboriginal cultures and histories by celebrating NAIDOC week.


DCP is committed to providing employment opportunities for Aboriginal people. DCP has the long term goal of reaching 10% Aboriginal employment by 2022. This goal will be facilitated by the RAP, in conjunction with the Aboriginal Employment Strategy.

DCP is also committed to providing opportunities for Aboriginal business through procurement –with the goal of 3% procurement from Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations contained within our Aboriginal Action Plan 2019-20.

These opportunities will be provided through the following high-level actions.

  • Improve employment outcomes by increasing recruitment, retention and professional development opportunities for Aboriginal employees.
  • Increase supplier diversity to support improved economic and social outcomes.
  • Procure from Aboriginal suppliers listed on Aboriginal Business Connect
  • Investigate opportunities to improve service delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people with a disability.
  • Review HR policies to create a culturally aware workplace.


The RAP Working Group will oversee and support the implementation of the RAP to ensure that we meet our commitments. The RAP Working Group will continue our reconciliation journey by developing the next RAP.


For enquires about the RAP please contact:

Executive Officer, RAP Working Group

Phone: (08) 8463 6372