The Department for Child Protection values contemporary research on innovative and best practice approaches to working in child protection.

It works to ensure its policies, programs and services are informed by rigorous and robust evidence.

We support research that strengthens evidence-based decision making and contributes to effective policy and practice.

Support may be provided to research projects through in-kind assistance, such as providing access to data, clients and staff. Limited investment may be considered for highly relevant research proposals.

Undertaking research within the department

Before undertaking research, you should refer to the following documents.

Research applications

The department’s Research Management Committee assesses applications for research projects and final approval of all projects is at the discretion of the Chief Executive.

All research must conform to privacy provisions under the Information Privacy Principles Instruction and the ethical standards outlined in the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007).

All researcher must have working with children checks

Prospective researchers can submit their proposals using the application form below or can arrange to discuss their research idea by contacting the Principal Research Officer.

If approved, Research Applicants will be asked to enter into a Research Agreement with the Department for Child Protection, a copy will be provided upon request.

Approved Research will be required to report on progress quarterly:

And then final reports:

Accessing data

The department can provide certain types of data to help with approved research projects.

Contact the Principal Research Officer to discuss.


DCP Research

Phone: (08) 8124 4150