Section 153 of the Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017 (C&YP (Safety) Act) enables a ‘prescribed person’ (otherwise known as a care leaver) or an ‘eligible applicant’ (in the case of a deceased care leaver, a grandparent, parent, child or grandchild of the care leaver) to access original and copy documents held by the Department for Child Protection (DCP) that relate to the care leaver.

It partially implements recommendation 160 made by the Child Protection Systems Royal Commission in its report ‘The life they deserve’.

Requesting care leaver information

The Provision of Information to care leavers guideline (PDF, 579.2 KB), details how to make a request, validity requirements and reasons the department may refuse access to a document or may provide a document in redacted form.

The request must be made on the relevant Provision of Information Request Form or in writing, specifying that the request is made pursuant to the C&YP (Safety) Act.

If you are a care leaver and seeking information about yourself, you can use the Provision of Information Request (care leaver's application) form (PDF, 250.5 KB).

A care leaver may authorise a third party or a support service to make a care leaver’s application on their behalf. An Authority for a Third party to make a POIR Application and Other Matters (PDF, 115.4 KB) must be attached to such requests.

If you are a grandparent, parent, child or grandchild of a deceased care leaver, you can use the Provision of Information Request (for deceased care leaver information) form (PDF, 213.1 KB).

Internal review by the Chief Executive

Section 154 of the Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017 provides a right for an aggrieved applicant to apply to the Chief Executive for a review of a decision (under Section 153) to refuse to provide a document or information. Requests for internal review must be made within 30 days of the initial decision.

Request for review must include a grievance, detailing reasons for disagreement with the decision. A review can be requested using an Internal Review request form (PDF, 139.3 KB).

Support services and other organisations that hold care leaver information

The following fact sheets have been created to assist care leavers with support services and provide information on other organisations and agencies that hold care leaver information.

Departmental records

For information about DCP systems, records and databases, see the departmental records fact sheet (PDF, 423.7 KB). It provides an overview of DCP’s systems previously and currently used to record care leaver’s information.

Other ways to access departmental information

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1991 (FOI Act) provides a person with a legally enforceable right to access government records subject to the exemption provisions within the FOI Act.

For more information, visit the Freedom of Information page or contact the FOI Team on the details provided below.

Adoption information

Section 27 of the Adoption Act 1988 enables certain people who are affected by an adoption to access information.

For more information, visit the Provision of adoption information page.


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