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Mandated notifiers and their role

The information on this page is for mandated notifiers.

If you are a concerned member of the public, see the sa.gov.au website for information about making a report to the Child Abuse Report Line.

Always call 000 if it is an emergency

All education and child development staff are considered mandated notifiers under the Children’s Protection Act 1993. 

There is a legal obligation for mandated notifiers to notify the Department for Child Protection of all suspected cases of child abuse or neglect within their professional context.

Staff should also consider it their ethical duty to report experiences outside of their professional context.

Education staff mandated reporters

Education staff who are considered mandated notifiers include:

  • teachers
  • ancillary staff
  • SSOs
  • volunteers working on sites
  • early childhood workers
  • family day care employees
  • pre-service teachers
  • corporate employees
  • managers responsible for the above staff.

Other members of the community are also mandated reporters including medical practitioners, psychologists and social workers.

See section 11 of the Children’s Protection Act 1993 for further detail.

Reasonable grounds for reporting

Mandated reporters must report abuse when they have a suspicion on reasonable grounds. Proof that the abuse actually occurred is not required.

Notifiers may have suspicion on reasonable grounds if:

  • the child tells you they have been abused
  • observations of a particular child’s behaviour or knowledge of the child leads you to suspect that abuse is occurring
  • a child tells you that he/she knows someone who has been abused
  • someone reliable such as relative, friend, neighbour or sibling tells you of the abuse to a child.

For clarification of what may be considered child abuse or neglect see indicators of child abuse or neglect.

Failing to report

Mandated notifiers who fail to report their suspicions of child abuse or neglect can be penalised as outlined in section 11 of the Children’s Protection Act 1993.

See defence provisions for mandated notifiers for further information.

Duty of care

The Children’s Protection Act 1993 specifies that a mandated notifier does not necessarily exhaust their duty of care to a child by notifying.

This means that your duty of care is not over when you notify the child abuse report line.

There are a number of other support services available for children, young people and families.

Contact the department to find other ways to help or refer to your school’s incident policy for further direction. 


Child Abuse Report Line (CARL)

Telephone: 13 14 78