The Department for Child Protection is pleased to announce its new office in Elizabeth. To acknowledge this special occasion, a smoking ceremony was held.

A smoking ceremony was held on 7 December 2020 for the new Department for Child Protection Playford Office in Elizabeth. This office will be in addition to the current Elizabeth Office.

Mickey O’Brien, an ambassador of the Kaurna people undertook the smoking ceremony. Mickey explained to staff that the smoking ceremony is spiritual, physical, and has a symbolic connection, celebrating the bringing in of the new, and sending away with the old.

Mickey smoked the areas of the building and ran the smoke past each of the staff in their respective areas. Staff were encouraged to take a gum leaf, as a mark of connection to the land and to exchange their leaf with another person, this simple action symbolic of giving, receiving and becoming one together.

The official opening by the Minister for Child Protection was held on 16 December 2020.

Mickey O’Brien, ambassador of the Kaurna people, undertaking the smoking ceremony at the new Playford Office.