The Department for Child Protection (DCP) is committed to working with our service providers to ensure the best possible outcomes for children and young people in care.

Our events are designed to support service providers to understand and be kept informed of key changes and impacts associated with implementation of DCP Procurement Program and Reform activities.

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Web content - feedback survey

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, DCP has identified some proposed service improvements to web based contract content. DCP is asking service providers to provide their feedback on these proposed changes as outlined below.

  • Performance management framework
  • Service provider personnel training requirements
  • Child related costs – residential care only

Impact and complexity

Using the impact and complexity matrix within the Contractual web content management framework, DCP has identified the proposed changes below are low in both impact and complexity, with minimal change in scope of services and/or resources and a low implementation effort.

Action required

1. Review the proposed changes below and on the web content consultation page.

2. Complete the feedback survey via the online survey before midnight 12 July 2022.

Contract performance management framework

Who is impacted: All out of home care services

Content impacted: Contract performance management framework

DCP has reviewed the performance management response relating to each performance level to ensure that contracts that are performing at a performance level 1 or 2 are provided with the option for less onerous contract management meeting requirements.


Child car restraint training

Who is impacted: Family based care, kinship care, residential care and residential care disability, placement and support packages, agency staffing, supported independent living services, and reunification.

Content impacted: Service provider personnel training requirements

Following feedback from the sector, DCP has reviewed the requirement for the child car restraint training. DCP is proposing to remove the requirement for this in-house module to be delivered by a person who has undertaken CRFPIA301# Provide information and advice on correct child car restraint use within the last two years.

Under this proposal, service providers are responsible for ensuring that at the completion of the training module, personnel are able to demonstrate the competencies outlined in Appendix 2 of the Minimum qualification and training requirements for service provider personnel document.


Child related costs

Who is impacted: Residential care and placement and support package services

Content impacted: Child related costs service provision requirement and Service specifications

DCP is proposing a change to residential care service provider responsibilities in relation to transitioning children and young people out of placements.

Under the proposed changes, where a child or young person is transitioning out of a residential care facility it will be the responsibility of the outgoing service provider to safely transition the child or young person’s personal belongings and other materials to the subsequent placement or accommodation.

DCP acknowledges that for some organisations, contract surpluses won’t be sufficient to fund these additional costs. Where a contract has entered into a deficit in funding, the service provider may request a variation of funding via their DCP Contract Manager.