The Department for Child Protection (DCP) is committed to working with our service providers to ensure the best possible outcomes for children and young people in care.

Our events are designed to support service providers to understand and be kept informed of key changes and impacts associated with implementation of DCP Procurement Program and Reform activities.

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Industry Day

New contract KPI discussion

Service provider briefing - September 2020

Supply to government workshop

The Department for Child Protection (DCP) is the first in SA Government Procurement to introduce web based contract content. Our Service Specifications and Service Provision Requirements are publically available on the Service Provider area of DCP’s website and hyperlinked within Agreements, to ensure:

  • Consistency between same or similar service types
  • Expectations are clearly defined, accurate, centrally located, up to date and readily available
  • Collaboration or improvement efforts can happen on a sector-wide level as requirements are universally known and shared
  • Reduction of administrative burden for both the service provider and DCP

DCP has a strict approach to managing changes of web based contract content, which is underpinned by the Out of Home Care Contract content consultation guideline, and illustrated in the below diagram.

DCP's web contract content change management approach. The Web Contract  Change Management Approach diagram illustrates the 3 key components supporting how DCP will manage changes to web contract content changes. These are the Out of Home Care service contract content consultation guideline, Web content change process, and Record Management.