The procurement processes in DCP are undertaken in accordance with SA Government requirements.

There are different processes and policy requirements for procurement based on the following risk and value quadrants:

  • transactional (less than $550,000 and representing low to medium risk)
  • routine (greater than $550,000 and representing low to medium risk)
  • complex (less than $550,000 and representing medium to high risk) or
  • strategic (greater than $550,000 and representing medium to high risk).

Forward procurement planning

DCP is focused on improving our care system to include a range of care settings and to respond to the individual needs of all children and young people. We look forward to a continued collaborative relationship with our service providers to contribute to the delivery of better outcomes for children and young people requiring care. Our forward procurement planning is instrumental in delivering services that best meet the needs of children and young people. The Department for Treasury and Finance will publish DCP’s forward procurement planning through the Procurement Activity Reporting System (PARS).

To keep up-to-date with the department’s open procurements, please register on the SA Tenders and Contracts website.

South Australian Not-for-Profit Funding Rules and Guidelines

The state government has introduced the South Australian Not-for-Profit Funding Rules and Guidelines (SANFRAG) along with new funded services agreement templates.

Compliance is mandatory for all government agencies.

More information about the policy is available in the Department for Premier and Cabinet Circular 044.

The Standard Not-for-Profit Funded Services Agreement Template is suitable for all low to medium risk, non-complex government procurement of services from the NFP sector, where up-front block funding is provided to NFP organisations.

Where payment is based on a fee for service and is paid in arrears, the Standard Goods and Services Agreement template can be used, as appropriate.

The standardised agreement templates developed in consultation with the Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector were introduced as part of DCP's Procurement Program. All existing contracts have been transitioned to the Standard Not-for-Profit (NFP) Funded Service Agreement or Standard Goods and Services Agreement.

To assist service providers understand the use of the standard agreement templates in a DCP setting, example contracts have been included below for download.

The example agreements are to serve as a comparative guide only, and may not be reflective of the type of agreement available to the service type examples shown.

Tier 1 Key Performance Indicators as described in the Performance Measurement Specification (PDF, 938.9 KB) have also been included in the example agreements to illustrate how these would apply to specific service and agreement types.

For more information on the transition to the new standard agreement template, refer to Sector Briefing 1 materials or contact


Contract Reform


*Please note that the above email address is for use by current or potential service providers. If you are a carer, parent, or other community member, please visit contact the department for other ways to get in touch.