'hub' is built on a simple model that operates much like a youth club. Young people can visit hub to hang out, connect with others, learn new skills, have a say on things, or just have fun!

The Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly, recently launched a new online space where young people can answer big questions, take polls and connect with other young people on the issues that matter to them - hub.

hub enables crucial lines of communication with South Australia’s young people, which is particularly timely right now when young people need to be reassured that they are valued and that they matter.

At hub, young people can also:

  • read the opinions of other young people through regular blog articles
  • dive into a range of free public online resources to help them get more creative, connected, confident and curious
  • explore digital tools to build their own digital resume to show others the digital skills they’ve gained.

At hub young South Australians can be confident accessing trustworthy content about COVID19 to help them remain informed, calm and grounded about what is happening locally, nationally and globally.

Please take a look at what hub has to offer, and share it with the young people in your lives.