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Supporting the Dame Roma Mitchell grants

The Dame Roma Mitchell grants provide financial assistance for eligible young people who have lived or are living in care.

You can contribute by:

  • participating in a workplace giving program
  • making a tax deductible donation
  • becoming a champion.

Participate in a workplace giving program

Workplace giving lets you donate through automated payroll deductions.

All donations made through payroll deductions are pre-tax unless otherwise specified.

Setting up automated donations

To set up automated payroll donations:

  1. complete the donation form.
  2. give the form to your payroll provider.

You can change or cancel your donation at any time by resubmitting the form to your payroll provider.

Make a donation

You can donate via direct deposit, credit card, cash, or cheque at any time by completing the donation form.

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible. You will receive a tax receipt if you provide your address with your donation.

Become a champion

When you become a Dame Roma Mitchell grants champion you will receive promotional material  for your colleagues and networks.

Promotions can include:

  • holding  morning teas
  • promoting the workplace giving program at a staff meeting
  • distributing flyers and posters around the office.

drmtrust [at] sa.gov.au (Contact the executive officer) to register your interest.


Hear about how the Dame Roma Mitchell grants have helped young people in the following videos:

Application process

Visit the sa.gov.au website for grant application process and eligibility requirements.

Annual Reports


Dame Roma Mitchell grants

Phone: 1300 650 971
Email: drmtrust [at] sa.gov.au