There are a range of non-government organisations providing financial counselling support services.

  • Aboriginal Family Support Services (AFSS)

    Financial counselling services targeted to Aboriginal families.

    Website: Aboriginal Family Support Services (AFSS)

  • Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement

    Services include advocacy, referrals and support letters, dental and ambulance waivers, payment plans, budgeting advice and superannuation queries.

    Website: Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement


    The service provides information on benefits and entitlements, rules, and laws relating to payments, negotiating payment plans, helping with consumer issues, bankruptcy and referrals to other agencies.


  • Anglicare SA

    Financial counsellors are available to provide financial education and support. This can include No Interest Loan Scheme, advocacy and referrals, and negotiating repayment plans.

    Website: Anglicare SA

  • CareWorks SA & NT

    Information and support for people with financial problems including budgeting, negotiating repayment plans, bankruptcy and other legal forms, referrals, no Interest Loan Scheme and emergency assistance.

    Website: CareWorks SA & NT

  • Centacare Catholic Country SA

    Emergency assistance, financial counselling services and youth services.

    Website: Centacare Catholic Country SA

  • Financial Counselling Telephone Helpline

    This service is run by the South Australian Financial Counsellors Association and is available on 1800 007 007.

    Website: Financial Counselling Telephone Helpline

  • Flinders University Student Association (FUSA)

    Financial advocacy for students struggling with their finances. They also assess eligibility for government assistance, negotiate debt repayments, grants, interest free loans, emergency assistance, debt recovery and budgeting.

    Website: Flinders University Student Association (FUSA)

  • Gambling Help SA

    A service of Relationships Australia (SA) and can help deal with debts, budgets and managing credit issues. They can also negotiate formal debt agreements and talk to creditors, check entitlement to concessions and help people understand their rights and responsibilities.

    Website: Gambling Help SA

  • Lifeline South East SA

    Provides help with financial counselling services, low income support programs and emergency assistance.

    Website: Lifeline South East SA

  • Lutheran Community Care

    Provides a range of services relating to personal finances. These include budgeting, negotiation and advocacy, bankruptcy and referrals to other services.

    Website: Lutheran Community Care

  • Magdalene Centre

    The centre offers a range of anti-poverty services and supports, and can assist with housing advice legal issues, financial counselling and emergency relief.

    Website: Magdalene Centre

  • Money Mob Talkabout

    A community based program delivering financial literacy education with and for people in remote Aboriginal communities to help them positively manage money. The program has permanent locations in Mata and Pukatia in the APY Lands that provide a one-stop shop for local community members.

    Website: Money Mob Talkabout

  • North East Financial Counselling

    A service of Northern Community Legal Service. Community Legal Centres are independent, not for profit organisations which provide legal advice, casework, referral and in some cases, legal representation to member of the community.

    Website: North East Financial Counselling

  • Overseas Chinese Association of SA

    Provides referrals and support services targeted at South Australia’s Chinese community.

    Website: Overseas Chinese Association of SA

  • Rural Financial Counselling Service SA

    Provides business support and information to eligible primary producers including cattle producers, fruit and vegetable growers, fishers, foresters and harvesters facing financial difficulties.

    Website: Rural Financial Counselling Service SA

  • Salvation Army

    Provide advice and support around emergency relief, No Interest Loan Scheme, advocacy, referrals, housing meals and problem gambling.

    Website: Salvation Army

  • Uniting Communities

    Provides free, independent and confidential advice and information, support and advocacy to people in financial difficulty, as well as emergency relief and access to no- and low-interest loans.

    Website: Uniting Communities

  • Uniting Country SA

    A range of services and programs for immediate and long-term support to manage household or financial difficulties. They also offer advocacy, support, information and advice, and can refer to other services and community activities.

    Website: Uniting Country SA

  • Uniting Care Wesley Bowden

    Financial counsellors offer support and advocacy for a range of issues and negotiate repayments as well as referrals to other agencies.

    Website: Uniting Care Wesley Bowden