Grants for eligible care experienced young people to cover the costs of study, household furniture, white goods, computers plus healthcare and other important needs.

The 2020 Dame Roma Mitchell Grants Round 1 are now open.

These grants provide opportunities for eligible children and young people under 30 who are, or have been, in care.

Grants can be used for things to help achieve personal goals and provide development opportunities such as driving lessons, household furniture and white goods, and other important needs.

There is no set limit to the grants, and all requests will be considered by the Board.

Help us spread the word. You’ll find more information on how to apply on the Department for Child Protection website. The following guidelines (PDF, 1.1 MB) should be read before submitting an application.

If you are helping a young person apply and need help, email the Dame Roma Mitchell Grants Executive Officer at drmtrust@sa.gov.au.

Applications close Friday 6 March 2020.