This page was last updated 4 October 2022.

Contract performance management is the process of ensuring both parties to an agreement meet their obligations as effectively as possible in order to achieve agreed contractual outcomes.

Contract performance management provides a methodical and evidence-based approach to ensure:

  • performance indicators in current agreements are standardised and in some instances reduced
  • equitable, transparent and accountable relationships
  • shared understanding of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • a rule-based approach to performance measurement, monitoring and reporting
  • early identification of non-performance and implementation of intervention strategies
  • ability to highlight and benchmark good performance
  • collaboration in the delivery of safe quality care to the children and young people in care
  • DCP service delivery contracts align to client, community and stakeholder expectations.

DCP's Contract Performance Management Framework (PDF 1MB) (PDF, 729.3 KB) provides a consistent approach, methodology and tools to support phase 2 (management) and phase 3 (close out) of the Contract Management Framework.

The DCP Contract Performance Management Framework:

  • will streamline reporting requirements for DCP's contracted service providers and apply a consistent performance measurement and monitoring response across all DCP service contracts
  • describes how DCP will administer, monitor, evaluate and reconcile the delivery of services as described in the contract between DCP and the service provider
  • supports the delivery of safe quality care to children and young people in care.

The Performance Measurement Specification defines the minimum level of performance and service delivery required throughout the term of service agreement between DCP and the service provider, acting as a:

  • measuring tool ensuring all parties use the same criteria to evaluate the service delivery, quality and safety
  • support tool providing a shared understanding of minimum levels of service delivery and performance required throughout the term of service
  • communication tool assisting in opening up communication and dialogue on a regular basis in regards to performance.

The Performance Management Specification supports the key activities required within the Contract Performance Management Framework, specifically the measurement, monitoring and management of performance against the service agreement. It defines the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help determine the extent to which agreed contractual outcomes, outputs, quality of service and compliance with legislative requirements have been achieved.

Please refer to the Performance Measurement Specification (PDF, 938.9 KB) for information regarding:

  • Performance measures (appendix 1)
    • tier 1 and tier 2 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
    • minimum levels of performance required for each measure.
    • service types each KPI will be associated with.
  • Information guide (appendix 2)
    • Additional details to support the monitoring and reporting of KPIs.
    • Calculating the measurement of performance.