The Department for Child Protection (DCP) undertakes procurement activities in accordance with Procurement Services SA requirements, and our procurement governance framework seeks to advance and uphold the following principles:

  • The safety of children and young people is our paramount consideration and we will put their needs at the centre of procurement and contracting practices.
  • We will ensure procurements are aligned with DCP’s strategic objectives.
  • We will maximise opportunities for South Australian businesses through the application of the South Australian Industry Participation Policy (SAIPP).
  • We will maximise the use of South Australian Aboriginal businesses through the application of the SAIPP and our Aboriginal Procurement Policy.
  • We will seek to achieve value for money in every procurement we undertake.
  • We will promote innovation through outcomes-based procurement.

Procurement and contract management governance

DCP has established a Procurement and Contract Management Governance Committee comprising of delegated members to assist the Chief Executive in ensuring our strategic procurement and contract management activities are driven by business needs, utilise best practice, manage risk exposure, and comply with procurement principles.

Forward procurement planning

Forward procurement planning is instrumental in delivering services that best meet the needs of children and young people. Procurement Services SA will publish DCP’s forward procurement plan through the across government Procurement Activity Reporting System (PARS).

Currently advertised procurements

To keep up-to-date with DCP’s currently advertised procurements, please register on the SA Tenders and Contracts website.

South Australian not-for-profit funding

All not-for-profit funding information can be found on the Procurement Services SA website at Not for Profit Sector | Procurement Services SA.

Compliance is mandatory for all government agencies.

Further information is available within the Premier and Cabinet Circular PC044 - South Australian Funding Policy for the Not for Profit Sector.


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