COVID-19 sector update for 25 October 2022

Isolation requirements

The National Cabinet recently lifted the mandatory five-day isolation for those who are COVID-positive. Please continue to refer to SA Health for the latest COVID-19 positive advice including advising people who are unwell to remain at home until they are no longer symptomatic.

Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) distribution

The State Government has announced that mandatory reporting of positive Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) results will remain as part of South Australia’s COVID-19 directions under the Public Health Act.

A number of RATs were distributed to providers during July. If you are running low, please email us your request at DCPSupplyChain@sa.gov.au

Vaccine mandates for staff

Vaccine mandates for staff working in hospitals, aged care and disability settings will also remain for the time being and that includes DCP and non-government staff working in those settings. Check the SA Health website for more information.

Personal Protective Equipment in residential care

SA Health has changed its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) guidelines for caring for those with COVID-19 and this has some impact on DCP and agency residential care staff.

Under the new recommendations, staff caring for children and young people who are COVID-19 positive, no longer need to wear gowns and gloves in all cases. This will now be guided by individual risk assessments. For example, if there is a risk of being exposed to blood and bodily fluid in large amounts, PPE needs to be worn. Staff, however, should have ready access to PPE including access to Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT).

SA Health has some great advice on infection prevention and control and PPE on its website.

Vaccines for children and young people

COVID-19 vaccination is now available for eligible children aged six months to five years.

Please continue to encourage the vaccination of eligible children and young people (where appropriate) and provide support to facilitate appointments, where needed.

Vaccination is the best way to reduce a child or young person’s risk of becoming seriously unwell with COVID-19. As always, please keep an eye on the SA Health website for the latest health advice.


The department is no longer requiring mask-wearing for staff during general day to day work (at desks and around workplaces) – except in settings including residential care where we are having direct client contact.

There are also places in SA and circumstances where mask wearing remains mandatory – read the SA Health advice regarding masks.