The Department for Child Protection are hosting a series of procurement and contracting events.

These are to support current Out of Home Care service providers understand and be kept informed of key changes impacting contracted arrangements.

Sector Briefing 6 (held Tuesday 10 September 2019) covered:

  • Psychological assessment update
  • New contract management templates
  • Contract reform project update
    • New look website
    • Contract Management & Licensing System (CMLS) update
  • Placement utilisation data and reporting
  • Forward procurement plan

Please refer to the Sector Briefing 6 Presentation (PDF, 1.8 MB) for a copy of information discussed in the session.

A copy of the Placement Utilisation summary report information guide (XLSX, 206.6 KB) is also available for review.

Proposed draft templates

As mentioned at Sector Briefing 5, to support how we administer and manage contracts we will be introducing new contract management templates, including:

  • Risk management plan template (as part of the contract management plan)
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting template (for service providers to complete as part of the acquittal process).

The proposed templates will be presented at sector briefing 6, please email if you have any queries or feedback.

Risk Management Plan Template

Proposed implementation timeframe: Risk management plans to be completed during 2019/2020 quarter 2.

The Risk management plan template would form part of the Contract Management Plan. As per the DCP Contract Management Framework, the Contract Management Plan contains key information about how a contract will be managed. It establishes systems and processes to ensure that the supplier and DCP complies with the terms and conditions during the life of the contract, as well as enabling performance to be monitored and problems easily identified either before or as they occur.

The Risk management plan template helps to identify risks and appropriate mitigating strategies to ensure we achieve the best outcomes for children and young people.

Please see below example Risk Management Plan templates by service type:

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) service provider reporting template

The KPI service provider reporting template has been developed to support the reporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as specified in the Performance Measurement Specification and Agreements.

The templates are proposed to be used by service providers to report KPI outcomes as required in quarterly performance management process.  They will also been used to inform the design of the Service provider portal that is planned to be available for 2019-2020 quarter 2 performance management reporting.

The templates are available on the reports and meetings service provision requirements page under Performance Management reporting requirements.


Contract Management Reform