The Department for Child Protection are hosting a series of procurement and contracting events.

These are to support current Out of Home Care service providers during the implementation of DCP’s 2019/2020 Procurement Program and Contract Reform activities.

Sector Briefing 5 (held Tuesday 30 July 2019) covered:

  • Executive update
    • Transitioning from Solution Based Casework (SBC)
    • Out-of-home care reform progress – in care strategy
  • Procurement program update
  • Contract reform project updates
  • HR update on Psychological Assessments
  • Survey results and next steps
    • Tier 2 key performance indicators
    • Family based care growth payment process opportunities for improvement.

Please refer to Sector Briefing 5 Presentation (PDF, 2.2 MB) for a copy of information discussed in the session.

DCP Human Resources also attended Sector Briefing 5 as a guest speaker and presented an update on Psychological Assessments. Please refer to Psychological Assessment Proposed Changes Presentation (PDF, 818.2 KB) for a copy of this information.

For more information or questions about Psychological Assessments, please visit the Psychological Assessment Service Provision Requirements page, or contact the DCP Psychological Assessment Team on 8226 4213 or


Contract Management Reform