The Department for Child Protection manages and administers contracts in line with Procurement Services SA requirements.

Our Contract management framework (PDF 462KB) provides a consistent approach in the way the department manages contracts including the specific requirements associated with contracts directly relating to children and young people and follows a 4-step contract management lifecycle.

Step 1 - Contract start-up

  • Contract risk and complexity assessment
  • Contract manager
  • Contract handover and kick-off
  • Contract management plan
  • Establishing a contract administration processes
  • Record keeping and documentation

Step 2 - Contract administration and performance

  • Performance management
  • Dispute resolution

Step 3 - Contract reviews, extensions and variations

  • Contract reviews and reporting
  • Contract extensions and variations

Step 4 -Contract closure

  • Transition out
  • Disposal
  • Post-contract review

It also ensures that governance, financial management and service delivery mechanisms are in place to ensure contract management services can be delivered effectively and efficiently.

Service providers and suppliers should contact their nominated DCP Contract Manager for all contract related enquiries.