DCP has recently redesigned its Supported Independent Living Services (SILS) that provide care and support to young people aged 16 to 17 (inclusive) years in their transition to adult life.

To support the sector navigate the new services, an additional SILS provider forum will be held on Monday 05 July 2021. Invitations to the forum have been emailed to attendees.

The new SILS services have been designed to respond more effectively to the needs of specific groups, including Aboriginal young people and those with other complex needs.

Importantly, the new SILS have a much greater focus on supporting young people across a number of key objectives:

  • Support young people to develop the skills they identify and need to successfully transition to adult life, such as self-care, home management, budgeting and financial literacy and confidence for independent living
  • Ensure young people transition from care into stable accommodation
  • Provide culturally responsive and culturally safe approaches
  • Support positive family and community connections
  • Foster connections to post care services and other supports.

Young people eligible for and in need of SILS placements will be identified by DCP and in conjunction with the young person, the level of service requirement  will be identified and delivered by non-government agencies who have been specifically contracted to provide SILS placements through the SILS Panel.

SILS are one of the suite of options available to young people transitioning to adulthood. It complements other key programs such as DCP’s Stability in Family-Based Care Program, which enables young people to remain in their family-based care placement until they turn 21, supporting them to develop a range of life and social skills that will prepare them for independence.