The State Government’s Investing in their future initiative now includes a more comprehensive list of services across all of a child or young person’s life domains – from health, education and housing to recreational activities, training and employment. DCP has also pursued services not just for children and young people currently in care, but for those who have left care, up to the age of 25.

Over the past year DCP has been working to expand the Investing in their future initiative, which is a whole of government commitment providing priority access to services for children and young people in care, and who have left care.

Some of the new services and programs pursued through the Investing in their future initiative include:

  • free, extended ambulance cover for care leavers up to the age of 21
  • 200 scholarships for children in care to attend South Australian Catholic schools
  • an alternate pathway to access dental and orthodontic services in a partnership with the Australian Dental Foundation.

Check out our new online hub for Investing in their future on the DCP website, which is a one-stop-shop for all services under this newly expanded initiative.

We ask that you share this information with carers to see what the children and young people in their care may be eligible for, and how to apply.

For more information, speak to the child or young person’s DCP caseworker.

In addition, we’re on the lookout for new, community-minded partners, including from the philanthropic, private and non-government sectors who are interested in making a difference in the futures of children and young people in care. If your organisation, or someone in your network, might be able to provide priority access to a service, program, or even a product, get in touch with us at CPReform@sa.gov.au.