Following sector consultation, from 1 July 2021 all family based carers will be reviewed on a 2 yearly cycle.

It is great to see partnership in action - we have actively engaged in preparing for this change, which now aligns with the existing 2 year carer review cycle for kinship carers.

As a part of this work, the Carer Agreement document has also been reviewed, after being in operation for 12 months. The refreshed document will more fully align to the Statement of Commitment for Foster and Kinship Carers, developed in partnership with Connecting Foster & Kinship Carers SA Inc, Child and Family Focus SA, and DCP.

The new Carer Review Report, Carer Agreement and supporting Fact Sheets will be uploaded to the DCP’s website, under ‘Service provider resources’.

DCP is working with service providers and Connecting Foster and Kinship Care SA Inc to ensure carers have the opportunity to be fully informed of  these changes and to provide feedback. For any queries please contact Robyn Skilbeck, General Manager – Out of Home Care Directorate, DCP.