The department is currently developing a dedicated portal for all contract management and licensing activity.

The CMLS will enable service providers to engage with DCP through all stages of the contract management cycle, and support communication, reporting and contract management along with providing an online tool for licensing applications and management.

What will it do?

It will enable service providers to:

  • manage contract set up and all contract management requirements
  • submit contract performance data and financial acquittals
  • share and exchange key contract information with the department.

When will it be available and how will service providers be supported?

The system is to be released in three phases:

  • Phase 1 2019: Internal Procurement and Contract Management
  • Phase 2 2020-2021: Service provider portal for Contract Management

Service providers will receive advance notice of when the changes are to take effect, and further resources and instructions about using the system will be made available here.

Training will also be made available to both service providers and DCP contract managers so everyone will be supported to adopt new practices.

Electronic Contract Execution via DocuSign

DCP is excited to announce that 2020 will see the introduction of DocuSign to enable electronic Contract Execution. This initiative is expected to reduce administrative burden for both service providers and DCP. Electronic signing and sending of Agreements saves time, trees, water and carbon emissions.

According to DocuSign, one month’s worth of transactions by their users saved the planet:

In 1 month Docusign saved 323 million kilograms of wood (equal to 100 central parks), 7.2 billion litres of water (equal to 2886 olympic swimming pools), 727 million kilograms of carbon dioxide (equivalent to 1778 freight trucks), 47.7 million kilograms of waste (equivalent to 3754 garbage trucks), according to their own reporting.

For an overview of how to use DocuSign, please download our DCP How to DocuSign factsheet (PDF, 741.7 KB).


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