The Department for Child Protection (DCP) is currently undertaking significant reform to ensure we can best meet the needs of children and young people in our care.

Contract reform will help ensure our contracts are able to adapt, evolve and align to the identified models of care and departmental strategies.

In 2019, we successfully introduced our foundational pieces:

Our key focus for contract reform in 2020 will be:

  • Operationalising our foundational elements through improved system, tools and processes
  • Improved outcomes through quarterly performance reviews underpinned by a robust and standardised Contract Performance Management Framework
  • Increased percentage of children in family based care arrangements
  • Reduction of administrative burden through the introduction of technological solutions like DocuSign and web based contract content, as well as streamlined end to end approaches
  • Continuing to support stakeholders through change with targeted and varied engagement and communication mechanisms (events and latest news)

Recognition for System and Process Innovation

Contract Reform was recently awarded the Department for Child Protection 2019 Recognition Award for implementation of a dynamic contracting approach and innovative system to manage the department’s Procurement and Contract Management activities.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Service Providers. Our achievements in 2019 would not have been possible without your support and valuable feedback.

The new approach of web based contract content not only sees DCP as a leader within SA Government Procurement, but also ensures consistency and quality of services for children and young people in care.

The innovative technology in DCP’s Contract Management and Licensing system (CMLS) is attracting cross-government interest.

The sector is achieving positive outcomes already including increased number of family based care placements, significant reduction in the cost of care and improved relationships with service providers.

With the introduction of any new approach, we can only get better and improve the system by working together. We look forward to continuing our united approach in 2020.


Contract Reform


*Please note that the above email address is for use by current or potential service providers. If you are a carer, parent, or other community member, please visit contact the department for other ways to get in touch.