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Recommendation number: 

Develop training in the use of C3MS to ensure that practitioners understand their obligations in uploading data, and the limitations of the incident-based nature of recording.

Response to recommendation: 

The South Australian Government accepts this recommendation in principle.

All C3MS-related recommendations and their full acceptance are subject to the outcome of the C3MS review initiated in response to recommendation 20.

The update and rationalisation of C3MS categories and updating of guides about the recording and uploading of information will inform the changes to current training regarding obligations in uploading data. This work is discussed further in the response to recommendation 15.

Review and reform of C3MS training will ensure that obligations in uploading data and recording information, and the limitations of the incident-based nature of recording are covered in future training. C3MS training is currently mandatory for all staff using the system.

Lead agency: 
Department for Child Protection (DCP)

Accepted in principle - Phase 1

Reform theme: 
System enablers (agency reform)