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Develop clear guidelines for recording information on C3MS, which identify those responsible for data entry and the categories under which data is entered. Rationalise available categories to limit inappropriate categorisation of important information.

Response to recommendation: 

The South Australian Government accepts this recommendation in principle.

All C3MS-related recommendations and their full acceptance are subject to the outcome of the C3MS review initiated in response to recommendation 20.

A number of guidelines are available to Department for Child Protection staff about C3MS and the recording of information.

These guidelines will be reviewed to ensure they are up to date and have specific information regarding who is responsible for recording what information, a rationalisation of categories, and detailed information about the purpose and use of categories.

Current C3MS training will be reviewed and updated to ensure it provides relevant information regarding new categories and roles and responsibilities. This is discussed further in the response to recommendation 16.

Progress update: 

The required work to deliver this recommendation is pending the outcome of the C3MS External Review being undertaken between April and June 2018 (refer recommendation 20).

Lead agency: 
Department for Child Protection (DCP)

Accepted in principle - Phase 1

Reform theme: 
System enablers (agency reform)
Updated date: 

June 2018