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Audit the range of process and policy documents to identify and discard those that are out of date. Develop a single database that is accessible to all staff via the agency’s intranet, to electronically file all current documents.

Response to recommendation: 

The South Australian Government accepts this recommendation.

In May 2015, a review of all Department for Child Protection process and policy documentation began. The primary purpose of this review is to:

  • identify all policy documentation that is no longer relevant or is out of date and decommission them
  • identify opportunities for rationalisation of policy documentation
  • improve and further develop current policy documentation
  • re-categorise and rename documentation to make it easier to find and access the information and guidance that front line workers require.

All current policy documentation is stored on and accessible via the departmental intranet.

A reviewed and streamlined set of policy documentation will be delivered by late-2017 and work to develop a single online database will begin during that period.

Progress update: 

In July 2017 an A-Z policy listing and library was made available to staff on the Department for Child Protection intranet. 

In 2016 the Policy Review Group (PRG) began with 386 documents due for review, over 50% of these also required a formal update. 

156 have now been retired, leaving 230 documents on the DCP policy register which have been or are currently being reviewed. 

The process of review, update or retirement of documents will be ongoing to ensure all practice guidance remains current and reflect organisational direction and change. The policy listing will continue to be updated as further policies and business documentation are reviewed.

Lead agency: 
Department for Child Protection (DCP)

Accepted - Phase 1

Reform theme: 
Addressing child safety concerns
Updated date: 

December 2017