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Adopt a policy that gives a child’s caseworker the primary responsibility for case management and, except in special circumstances, ensures that the caseworker is made aware of all discussions and decisions that affect the child.

Response to recommendation: 

The South Australian Government accepts this recommendation.

The chief executive, Department for Child Protection has been tasked with adopting the policy recommended by the Royal Commission, and ensuring that the policy translates into practice. The chief executive will be required to regularly report on progress towards recommendation 10 in the manner outlined by the Royal Commission in recommendation 260.

Progress update: 

A new Policy Framework is being established by the Department for Child Protection as part of the organisational restructure. 

Consultation on the framework is underway and anticipated for release at the start of 2018. 

Central to the new framework is the Clinical Governance Framework and the Child Protection Practice Framework which will be finalised by the end of 2017.

Together with a proposed manual of practice and recently revised delegations, these will provide caseworkers with the guidance, tools and increased authority to ensure that case management decisions can be made closer to the child. 

Lead agency: 
Department for Child Protection (DCP)

Accepted - Phase 1

Reform theme: 
Addressing child safety concerns
Updated date: 

December 2017