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Reinstitute the court liaison role (CLR) as a strategic link between the agency, the Family Court and the Youth Court, to improve system interface and to develop service responses in accordance with the requirements of each jurisdiction.

Response to recommendation: 

The South Australian Government accepted this recommendation on 12 August 2016.

The court liaison role was reinstituted in the form of the Court Services and Liaison Team within the Department for Child Protection. The team became operational in August 2016.

This team is currently providing valuable support to case workers and social workers across the Department for Child Protection. The team is responsible for managing the relationship and strategic link between the department and the Youth Court.

Further work will be undertaken to develop the role of this team in managing and strengthening strategic links between the department and the Family Court.

Progress update: 

The Court Services and Liaison team continues to focus on improving the quality of the Department for Child Protection's practice in the Youth Court. The team provides training to departmental staff regarding Youth and Family Law Court processes and practice considerations. 

It is also working to improve relationships with key stakeholders in the Crown Solicitor's Office, the Youth Court and Family Law Courts, and to improve information sharing with the Family Law Courts. 

To further strengthen strategic links between the department and the Family Law Court, the department has recently committed to the recruitment of a child protection officer to be out-posted in the Federal Circuit Court. 

Lead agency: 
Department for Child Protection (DCP)

Accepted - Phase 1 

Reform theme: 
Addressing child safety concerns
Updated date: 

December 2017