A new online platform for foster and kinship carers, and a revamped version of Who Can Say OK? are being launched.

A new online platform for foster and kinship carers and a revamped version of the Who Can Say OK? document are being launched today to better support carers and to empower them to make decisions about the children in their care.

The new platform, which is accessible via the department’s website, gives carers more information about how the Department for Child Protection (DCP) works, useful resources from government and non-government organisations and news in an easy to understand format.

It is being launched in line with Foster and Kinship Carer Week (8-14 September) this week.

DCP Chief Executive Cathy Taylor said the new online carer platform had been designed to better support carers by giving them the knowledge they need to fulfil their important role.

“We recognise that navigating the care system can be difficult at times for carers,” Ms Taylor said.

“There is a lot of information to process, in particular, around decision-making for children in care.

“We have taken carer feedback into consideration when creating this new carer platform by ensuring the information is presented in a way that is easy to access. It provides the information carers have told us they need to know about.”

A key component of the new platform is a revised version of the Who Can Say OK? document, which helps carers to know who is responsible for day-to-day decision-making across a range of areas including health, education, identity and connection with family and legal matters, among others.

“Carers are our greatest asset,” Ms Taylor said.

“In order for carers to be successful in their role, we need to make sure they are well-supported with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the system.

“Providing these new resources is just one of the ways we hope to strengthen our relationship with carers and make it easier for them to undertake their important role.”

To celebrate Foster and Kinship Carer Week, 21 carer events have been organised across the state throughout September, including metro and regional areas, and the APY Lands.

These events are being held to thank carers for their incredible efforts in keeping children and young people safe, and making them feel loved and supported.

The new online carer platform can be accessed at childprotection.sa.gov.au/carers.