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Have you seen 'Instant Family'?

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

'Instant Family' is a new blockbuster movie from Paramount Pictures which delves into the lives of a couple who decide to start a family and stumble into the world of foster care.

The couple, played by Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, go on to foster, and later adopt, three siblings and the movie follows the highs and lows of their journey to becoming a family.

The movie is based on Director Sean Ander’s own experiences in fostering and adopting three siblings with his wife Beth.

You can find out more about the story behind the movie and watch the movie trailer.

South Australian context

Our state's most vulnerable children rely on foster and kinship carers providing them with safe and loving homes.

The movie, in all it's Hollywood style has provided a great opportunity to promote the vital work our carers do.

In South Australia, we have a different context for adoption. The State Government is committed to ensuring children and young people in out of home care are provided with a range of care options that best meet their needs.

Transfer of guardianship to carers (Long Term Guardianship - Specified Person, formerly known as Other Person Guardianship) can be in the best interests of many children in out of home care and can lead to improved permanency and stability in a placement.

The number of Long Term Guardianship orders granted over recent years has increased. 

Feedback from the movie

"A lot of it rings true - I identified with the entire movie. I look forward to watching this with my foster son when he is old enough to reflect on our journey as an instant family." Jaimee, Foster Carer

“Instant Family is a fantastic feel good film that hopefully inspires people to consider fostering! Some hilarious relatable situations that many of our carers could agree with. Loved the pre-fostering and support group scenes!” – Emma, Support Worker

“Great depiction of the dilemmas of whether to foster of not, others’ perceptions and how welcoming a child into your family affects people’s emotions. It also touched on the difficulty in weighing up biological v foster family rights and if reunification is right for the child.” – Melissa, Support Worker

Thinking about fostering?

Visit our website or call 1300 2 FOSTER (367 837) for more information. 

You can also contact non-government foster care agencies directly.