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Adoption (Review) Amendment Act 2016 - proclamation of same-sex adoption provisions

Friday, February 17, 2017

On 17 February 2017 parts of the South Australian Adoption (Review) Amendment Act 2016 that enable same-sex couples to apply to adopt a child came into effect. 

The Amendment Act passed through the South Australian Parliament on 7 December 2016. Amongst other changes, the Amendment Act amends the Adoption Act 1998 so that same-sex couples are eligible to adopt a child. 

The South Australian Government has brought this particular part of the Amendment Act into law as a matter of priority. 

This will bring an end to discrimination in the Adoption Act on the basis of sex and gender identity. 

This does not require substantive change to the current adoption application process. Minor amendments to the current Adoption Regulations have also been made to enable the same-sex adoption provisions to be in effect from 17 February 2017. 

It is expected that the remainder of the Amendment Act will commence operation in mid-2017. 

See our website for more information about the key amendments to the Adoption Act, including our list of frequently asked questions

You can also read the full Adoption (Review) Amendment Act 2016

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To talk to someone about how these changes might affect you, you can contact: 

Post Adoption Support Services (non-government)

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Phone: 8245 8100

Department for Child Protection adoption services (government)

Email: adoptions [at] sa.gov.au
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