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Early Intervention Research Directorate (EIRD)

Key deliverables
  • EIRD will be responsible for using evidence and inter-linked data to inform strategies and approaches to working with children and families in need
  • EIRD will provide a strong evidence-base for how to support vulnerable children and families
  • EIRD will focus on reducing the disproportionate number of Aboriginal children in the child protection system

Designing strategies to improve child protection needs to be informed by a reliable evidence-base, inter-linked data, and include evaluation strategies to ensure programs are working. 

Our goals

EIRD is an important initiative that will consider evidence-based knowledge in the planning and evaluation of services for early intervention and prevention of child abuse and neglect. 

In its first 18 months EIRD will deliver the following: 

  • desktop evaluation of existing early intervention and prevention programs and services and identification of early intervention system gaps
  • establishing a fellowship program and research agenda
  • 3 key research projects focusing on:
    • pregnancy and the first 1000 days of life
    • recurring cases in the child protection system
    • the over-representation of Aboriginal children and young people
  • developing a data linkage and analytics system that will increase understanding of children and support better case management
  • developing a prevention and early intervention strategy outlining a whole-of-government, evidence-based approach to early intervention in child protection. 

How we will know we are making a difference

The directorate will engage and work closely with all agencies responsible for child wellbeing, prevention and early intervention services to ensure their decisions are evidence-based and programs delivered to families prevent children entering care. 

For more details about the Early Intervention Research Directorate, download the A Fresh Start progress report (PDF 1.3MB)


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