If you are living in residential care and something happens, there's a special process for you to have your say.

You have a right to to talk to someone about it. How you feel and what you have to say is important - your voice matters!

When should you speak up?

  • You might be unhappy about the way you have been treated
  • Someone made a mistake and they won't fix it
  • You might have had a disagreement that's causing you to feel stressed
  • You might be feeling unsafe and people won't listen.

What do I do next?

Ask your support worker for a reflection form. This form lets you talk about what happened in your own words. Don't worry - the form is only seen by the people who need to see it.

Residential care staff will always listen to what you have to say. You can also talk to your social worker or someone else you trust.

If you're not happy with what they can do for you, you can try talking to a supervisor.

You can also talk to the department's Complaint Unit on 1800 003 305 or fill out an online form.

The Office of the Guardian for Children and Young People can also help on 1800 275 664.

If it's after hours and an emergency, you can also call Crisis Care on 13 16 11.

What should happen when I make a complaint?

The people who are responsible for listening to you should:

  • Listen and be respectful when you are telling them what happened
  • Be understanding and encourage you to explain what happened in your own time
  • Believe what you are saying, take it seriously and write it down
  • Be helpful and offer advice about what the next steps will be and what what will happen
  • Take action - they will do what they said they would and act on your complaint
  • Keep you informed by contacting you and letting you know how things are progressing.

It's also okay to politely tell an adult if you don't think they are doing these things well - tell them how you feel.


Speak with your support worker first.

Central Complains Unit

Phone: 1800 003 305

Department for Child Protection
GPO Box 1072
Adelaide SA 5001