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Making a complaint

The department is committed to listening and responding to your concerns.

How to make a complaint

Take the following steps to get your complaint resolved: 

Step 1 

Discuss your complaint with your caseworker at your local DCP office. Our aim is to resolve issues at the local level - usually a conversation with your caseworker can help clarify your concerns. 

Step 2

If you have tried to resolve your concerns but are still dissatisfied with the outcome, you can speak with the Supervisor or Office Manager at your local DCP office

Step 3

If your complaint cannot be resolved, you can then contact the Central Complaints Unit who will take further steps to resolve the matter with you. You can either: 

  • complete our online complaints form
  • phone the Central Complaints Unit on 1800 003 305
  • print and complete the complaints form and send it to: 

Central Complaints Unit
Department for Child Protection
GPO Box 1072
Adelaide SA 5001

What to do if you are not satisfied with our response

If you are unhappy with the outcome after following the process above, you have the right to refer matters to one of the following organisations: 

Health and Community Services Complaints Commission

Phone: 8226 8666 or country callers 1800 232 007
Website: www.hcscc.sa.gov.au

Ombudsman SA

Phone: 1800 182 150
Email: ombudsman@ombudsman.sa.gov.au
Website: www.ombudsman.sa.gov.au

Office of the Guardian for Children and Young People

Phone: 8226 8570 or 1800 ASK 006
Email: gcyp@gcyp.sa.gov.au
Website: www.gcyp.sa.gov.au


Central Complaints Unit

Telephone: 1800 003 305

Department for Child Protection
GPO Box 1072
Adelaide SA 5001