The law has changed and so have we

New child safety laws come into effect in full on 22 October 2018, representing the biggest change to child protection in 25 years.

The new Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017 ensures greater safety, wellbeing and stability for children, young people and families within our communities.

Within this portal you will find information and resources to help you better understand how the changes to the laws may impact you, as well as details to guide you through some of the new systems and procedures.

There are also a number of video resources that provide an overview of the underlying principles of the Act.

We will continue to work closely with related sectors and other service providers to ensure the new Act is understood and properly implemented.

Who does the change affect?

The new laws impact us all. In particular, it changes the way the Department for Child Protection engages and works with families and carers, as well as government and non-government partners, to provide better outcomes for children and youth.

Most importantly, the new laws empower children to have an active voice in decisions related to their care and wellbeing. It also encourages community and support networks that surround a child to think about care arrangements, process and services through the eyes of the child.

Find out more about the specific changes and how they relate to you below.