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Child focus

Recognising the needs of the child or young person are paramount, the biological and foster families will also be assisted in providing care.


All members of the care team are committed to working in partnership in a cooperative and respectful way.

Stability and connection

A stable home environment for the child is our goal. Appropriate connections to family, kin and culture help maintain the child's sense of self, identity and emotional ties.


Children and young people in care are entitled to a quality of life and opportunities that are the same as for most other children in the community.


Carers need to be provided with sufficient support for them to be able to do what is asked of them in the care of children and young people.


Carers can expect to be treated with respect, openness and fairness.


All who work with, and care for children must take responsibility for the wellbeing of the child or young person.

Continuous improvement

The quality of foster care will continue to improve through a commitment to learning, to sharing experiences and ideas and to finding new ways of responding to the needs of children and young people in our care, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.