Please note you can now view the current Statement of Commitment.

Strong undertakings have been given to South Australian carers in the development of this charter.

Carers must feel confident that commitments will be honoured, their needs taken seriously and that services will continue to improve as a result. This is up to all of us who are partners in the care of children and young people.

The charter is to be used as the basis of all planning that involved relative, kinship and foster carers. Progress will be measured and the document regularly reviewed. Carers will be asked for their feedback on their expectations and whether their responsibilities are clear and reasonable.

Checklist for carers

  • Have I made my needs clear?
  • Am I seeking support and assistance when I need it?
  • Am I keeping my focus on the needs of the child in my care?
  • Am I raising issues assertively and respectfully when they arise.
  • Have I been reasonable in taking into account the competing demands of the worker?

Checklist for agency staff

  • Have I given the carer sufficient information on the child?
  • Am I behaving in a courteous, respectful and professional manner?
  • Am I valuing the carer's unique knowledge of the child and including them in decision making?
  • Am I considering the carer's feelings and needs?
  • Am I supporting the carer in their co-parenting role, rather than taking over?
  • Am I using my authority appropriately and with due regard to the rights of carers as our valued partners?