Carers of children and young people attending government schools will be automatically approved for the School Card Scheme.

Preparing for the school year is an exciting time, but can sometimes be a costly task with expenses such as uniforms, camps and excursions. Did you know that to assist with these costs, all children and young people in care who are attending government schools are automatically eligible for the School Card Scheme?

This is a state government initiative that offers financial assistance to primary and secondary school students. As a carer for a child or young person in care attending a government school, you are not required to complete an application. This is a process that occurs automatically each year.

If the child or young person in your care is attending a non-government school, you may still be able to access the School Card Scheme. However, children and young people in care are not automatically eligible and you will need to complete an application. You can do this on the Department for Education website.

For more information, speak to your DCP caseworker or get in touch with the school directly. You can also see what other education supports may be available for children and young people in care here.