Do you want to encourage the child in your care to enjoy reading and improve their literacy? The Read to Me Project can help, and is currently organising reading packs in time for Christmas.

The Read to Me Project supports children in care to improve their reading and language skills.

The project recognises that children in care often have limited access to quality books, and encourages positive adult–child interactions to support healthy brain development.

Each child in care will automatically receive free books as gifts until they turn 7 years old, creating a library that they can keep and enjoy for many years to come.

A start-up library launches each child’s reading journey, featuring:

  • 10 picture and board books
  • a Read to Me library bag
  • carer resources, including an activity book and role-modelling DVD.

If you are caring for a child under 7 years old and haven’t been getting library packs, please talk to your child’s case worker.

How often do we get a library pack?

Home library packs are sent every 3 months in March, June, September and December. The books are specially selected based on each child’s age.

Who runs the project?

The Read to Me project is run by Raising Literacy Australia, with support from the Department for Child Protection, Variety – The Children’s Charity of South Australia, Department for Education, Australian Publishing Industry and Cochrane’s Transport.

Are any personal details disclosed?

No. Raising Literacy Australia does not receive any personal details about your family or the child in care, as all packs are sent out by the Department for Child Protection.

How do I update my address details?

If you are moving, please update your details with your child’s case worker.


Raising Literacy Australia welcomes your feedback on the packs your child receives. This could include the books they love, books they haven’t enjoyed as much or other resources you would find useful. Send your feedback to janet.leske@raisingliteracy.org.au.