Children and young people in care, and post care, can now access emergency after hours, orthodontic and post care dental services in a new partnership between DCP and the Australian Dental Foundation.

Young woman brushing her teeth in front of a yellow gradient background

While many children and young people in care can access fee-free dental and orthodontic services via the SA Dental Service, this new partnership provides another avenue that ensures all children in care have their oral health needs met, right into adulthood. It also helps to reduce out-of-pocket costs for carers.

New services include:

  • after hours fee waivers for emergency after hours dental care
  • fee capped orthodontic treatment on a case by case basis
  • free or discounted dental services for eligible care leavers

Where possible, fee-free dental and orthodontic services will first be pursued via existing arrangements with the SA Dental Service.

This is one way the state government is actively pursuing opportunities to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people in care as part of the Investing in their future initiative.

For more information, visit the Dental services for children in care page or talk to your DCP caseworker.