Speak to your caseworker to make sure the child or young person in your care has the right supports in place to participate in NAPLAN this year.

NAPLAN is a national literacy numeracy assessment for students in years 3, 5, 7 and 9 held in May each year and DCP expects all eligible children and young people in care to participate. NAPLAN testing allows them to have the same school experiences as their peers, and is an important way to check how well they are learning. It also assists you, the child or young person’s caseworker, and their teacher to work together to identify a child or young person’s strengths, and areas in need of additional support.

In May 2021, the majority of schools will be conducting NAPLAN testing online. This means that the test is tailored, where students are presented with questions that are more or less difficult based on how they are performing during the test. Tailored testing allows students to stay engaged as they receive questions better suited to their ability. It shows them what they can do, rather than just what they can't.

If you still feel there are barriers preventing the child or young person in your care from positively engaging in NAPLAN, even with tailored testing, please let your caseworker know. They will work with you, and the child or young person’s teacher, and make any reasonable adjustments to support them during the test, such as where they have a disability. Exemptions to testing should only be pursued where absolutely necessary.

To learn more about NAPLAN, including tailored testing, visit the Department for Education website.